Wednesday, 16 March 2011

"we sell any car" in Peterborough, have agreed to use Chip and Tune

I have had a meeting with Parvez recently who owns and operates a used car dealership called "We sell any car", fantastic name. Parvez has agreed to promote and use Chip and Tune to do all the ECU Remapping for clients wishing to have better fuel economy and performance. Their new site is opening shortly in Peterborough, due to their success they are relocating to a larger premises. Due to increased demand for their service they will offer extra services to customers such as wheels and audio and that's where Chip and Tune will come in to provide the ECU Remapping. This is very exciting as it will allow Chip and Tune to have an operating base for those that wish to have the work carried out at a dealership. The potential for referal is also brilliant. Thanks very much to Parvez and his team for agreeing to work with us in the future. Check out if you are looking for a great used car.

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